Pre-Purchase Marine Survey

It’s always wise to check a boat thoroughly before committing to buy. Buying a boat can be one of your larger financial outlays, and a pre-purchase survey, knowing that a qualified surveyor has checked the boat for you, will give you peace of mind.

Whether it’s a yacht or powerboat, if you are buying a boat, you won’t want any major surprises after the purchase, and that’s why you use a qualified marine surveyor like Avast Marine, to go through the boat to check for defects.

Some minor defects may be acceptable due to ageing, but some could be catastrophic and could lead to injury or exceed the cost of the boat to correct faults.

When buying a boat, you need to be sure that the one you have chosen is sound.

A pre-purchase survey, subject to a positive report, can also be used to obtain insurance once you have purchased the boat

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