With a wealth of experience in the marine industry including marina management, shipwright and boatbuilding, marine surveying and boat sales, Avast Marine Surveyors is well-placed to offer advice for your marine surveying needs.

Qualified Marine Surveying

Welcome to Avast Marine Surveyors – a qualified Shipwright and Boatbuilder and specialist in marine surveys. As Avast Marine’s principal, I have 40 years’ experience in boating, bringing deep knowledge and skills, and reliability, both professionally and recreationally to the business, as well as my authentic passion for boating.

We can come to you for your boat survey.

Avast Marine can promptly come out to your local slipway or hardstand or other address in Greater Sydney, including Sydney Harbour and its rivers, Pittwater, Botany Bay, and Port Hacking, and can easily travel to locations on NSW, Queensland and Victorian coastal and inland waterways. Where desired, we can travel to other Australian states and internationally.

Surveys are often an essential requirement for owning a boat, and we can be your helping hand whenever needed.


Pre-purchase buying boat marine surveys


Boat insurance marine surveys


Boat share pre-contract marine surveys

Why are marine surveys essential?

When we say boat survey what we mean is that we are looking at the condition of the boat. We look at the boat out of the water, internally and on deck.

As a qualified Shipwright and Boatbuilder, and of course surveyor who has slipped over 6000 boats, Avast Marine, has 40 years of experience in boating, and understands how your boat has been built, how it works, common defects, where to look for problems, and how to repair and maintain your boat.

We can provide both the assessment of its condition and what is needed to fix any of the problems we have identified, so that you have a clear picture of the kind of investment needed to get the boat serviceable.

Looking for your next marine survey?